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6 Causes of Noisy Driveway Gates

6 Causes of Noisy Driveway Gates

There’s nothing more irritating than the sound of noisy driveway gates. While this feature can provide extra security for your home, you might wonder if the noise from it makes installing driveway gates worth it. The good news is that noise reduction is possible for driveway gates. The real question is, what are the causes of noisy driveway gates? Keep reading to learn what’s causing that unpleasant nails-on-chalkboard sound in your driveway gates.

6 Causes Of Noisy Driveway Gates

Causes of noisy driveway gates can originate from anything, but for the purposes of this blog, you’ll get a look at just six of them.

1. Poor Lubrication

If the sound from your gates resembles that of squeaking and creaking, it’s probably the result of poor lubrication. While annual lubrication should be sufficient, taking time to see that certain parts are lubricated isn’t a bad idea if its absence is one of the causes of noisy driveway gates. The parts of driveway gates that should be lubricated include hinges, the hydraulic arm, wheels, tracks, and chains.

2. Resistance

While grinding and grating sounds can also be indicative of insufficient lubrication, they can also be a sign of resistance. This resistance could be the result of worn-out or poorly positioned wheels. Checking and adjusting the wheels and lubricating parts are the two best ways to troubleshoot this second cause of noisy driveway gates.

3. Debris In The Gate Motor

Is your driveway gate opener making a lot of noise? If so, this might be due to excessive debris or moisture in the gate motor. To avoid this issue, stay on top of inspecting and cleaning your driveway gate motor once in a while. After removing the debris, clean up the motor and test out your gate. If the sounds are quieter or gone, you’ll have successfully nipped this problem in the bud.

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4. The Gate Battery Lost Charge

If your gate opener still beeps, it’s likely because the gate battery has lost charge. This situation could be the result of a power outage and require time to return to normal. Call a professional to replace your driveway gate’s battery if the beeping continues.

5. Bent Or Misaligned Gate Tracks

Another one of the potential causes of noisy driveway gates is bent or misaligned gate tracks. Clear the tracks, then consult the user manual on how to realign them. Don’t forget to lubricate the tracks after realigning them, so you can get accurate data from testing them. If the tracks are bent, you might need to call a professional to repair or replace them.

6. Improper Installation

Finally, noisy driveway gates are sometimes symptomatic of a driveway gate that wasn’t properly installed. Whether the gate technician you hired did a poor job or you tried to do a DIY installation, you’ll need a reliable professional to put your driveway gate in better shape. Hopefully, your driveway gate can still be salvaged by the time it receives professional attention.

Gates Repair Duncanville Will Address All Causes Of Noisy Driveway Gates!

We hope that knowing these six causes of noisy driveway gates will provide the reassurance you need regarding your gates’ functionality. After all, you want to be able to travel to and from your home in peace, not be welcomed by sudden grating sounds. If none of the troubleshooting solutions do anything to silence or quiet your driveway gates, you need to contact a gate technician. Luckily, if you live in Duncanville, you don’t need to look too far for an expert gate repair service. Contact us today at Gates Repair Duncanville, and we will get your gates back in shape in no time.